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Songs of Sustainability

Reimagining our future
About the project

Upcoming events:

Songs of Sustainability - A day of music, poetry, and discussion

17th June, 2022

Hallé St. Peter's,


M4 6BF

We are a poet and a composer, based at the University of Manchester. In collaboration with Creative Manchester, we are developing a project which will find innovative ways to dramatize and question issues related to sustainability, in dialogue with the work of other kinds of research. 

This work is based on a tale from Roman poet Ovid’s Metamorphoses, the story of Erysichthon. The tale’s imagery speaks very clearly to our moment, and our research uses it as a way of deepening engagement and attempting to bed its meanings down in contemporary discourse without losing its myth-like simplicity.

We are interested in making this tale speak to other discourses and conversations about sustainability, and to see how our different research processes can inform one another.

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