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Songs of Sustainability - A day of music, poetry, and discussion

June 17, 2022 - Hallé St Peter's 


M4 6BF

Following a day of workshops with researchers from different disciplines, Hallé St. Peters will open to the public for an evening of performances centred on themes of deforestation and climate change. 


New work based on Greek myth of 'Erysichthon'

- music by Richard Whalley, text by John McAuliffe

Walking Dwelling Thinking

- music by Amy Crankshaw, poetry by Rebecca Hurst



- music by Simon Davies, poetry by Frances Leviston


Stones and Sweeper

- music by Finn McLean, poetry by Chad Campbell


Wind in Trees

- music by Jasmine Simons, poetry by Vona Groarke

Performed by:

Simon Grange - Bass

Louise Wayman - Soprano

Petr Prause - Cello

Richard Whalley - Piano

All are welcome!

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